A view of s0ph0s laying on a green background, baring his teeth and sticking his tongue out teasingly. Sprays of purple and gold goop are coming out of cuts in his body. His head is cut from his body, revealing guts that look like grapefruit flesh. His left arm, right thigh, tail, and left footpaw are also similarly separated. Slices in his right arm and the right side of his torso reveal similar goop and grapefruit flesh. His torso is also separated, and purple and gold intestines are spilling out over his crotch.

DevilEnby Candy Gore

A stunning candy gore pinup for Halloween by DevilEnby!

This was a long time in the making, but I love how it turned out. I look great in DevilEnby’s full painted style, especially with all the purple and gold goop spilling out of me :3