About Me

I’m a 23-year-old timberwolf who lives in upstate New York. My pronouns are he/him/his. For work, I write code, usually JavaScript or Python. For fun, I also write code, as well as administer OpenBSD and Linux servers, pretend to be a graphic designer, and read a lot of books.

What I Do

I’m a software engineer for an FPGA vendor, where I work on developer tools for a C++ to Verilog compiler. I eat undefined behavior for breakfast! (And also lunch, and sometimes dinner. It’s not healthy.)

Outside of regular employment, I volunteer as a software developer and occasional sysadmin for the XBN podcast network. I’ve written IRC bots, metadata management systems, and post-production tools.

What I Enjoy

I run a home lab to learn more about OpenBSD and Linux systems administration. I find that it’s extremely beneficial to my software engineering skills to learn about what’s going on beneath the software that I write, plus it’s kinda fun to mess around with servers!

I also really enjoy graphic design as a hobby! It’s super fun to look at information and try to find an easily-understandable, eye-catching way to present it. Most of what I do tends to come out looking fairly Swiss-modern, since I lack the artistic talent to produce things with more embellishment.

Away from my desk, I listen to a frightening amount of podcasts, try to read as many books as I can, and go for long runs to stave off the muscular atrophy and weight gain that tends to come with tech careers. If you’re looking for podcast recommendations, I have a tag for that! I also blog about interesting books that I’ve read. And whenever I can, I make sure to snuggle with my friends—particularly my adorable dragon boyfriend.

For Artists

I’m a digitigrade, anthropomorphic hybrid of a timberwolf and a Shiba Inu. I stand about 1.85 m tall (6 ft, 1 in), and weigh about 71 kg (156 lb). My coat is typical for feral dark-furred timberwolves: dark on my body, darkest around my neck, white and fluffy on my chest and belly, and fading to gray toward my muzzle and paws. The brown speckles in the fur on my back form a backslash character. Unlike my feral counterparts, my irises are a bright, almost metallic gold. Also, I dye my hair purple and paint my claws to match. I wear gunmetal gray glasses, with rounded rectangular frames.

Sometimes, four limbs isn’t enough. I also have a taur variant, although the body shape details of this form are yet to be determined. The backslash speckling only appears on the back of my upper torso, the lower torso is speckled more or less randomly.



Download Full Size PNG
Character reference sheet depicting two full-body poses and two expression headshots.  The full-body poses show fur patterns on the front and back of the wolf.  The first expression headshot shows the wolf giving a sultry stare while licking his chops.  The second expression headshot shows the wolf blushing and splaying his ears.
Reference sheet by Silver Edge.
Wolf reference № 1 (source)
Wolf reference № 2 (source)
Wolf reference № 3 (source: My Planet Experience on Flickr)
Wolf reference № 4 (source: Quartl on Wikipedia)

Features taken from these wolf reference images:

For Craig Borysowich

I’d really love to have github.com/s0ph0s, if you’re willing to relinquish it!