Character reference sheet depicting two full-body poses and two expression headshots.  The full-body poses show fur patterns on the front and back of the wolf.  The first expression headshot shows the wolf giving a sultry stare while licking his chops.  The second expression headshot shows the wolf blushing and splaying his ears.

Silver Edge Refsheet

My first for-real ref sheet! I had a color-your-own ref sheet before this one, but Silver Edge did a way better job :P

The slash on my back has three layers of meaning, which is pretty good for a joke my boyfriend came up with at 3 am:

  1. The obvious groan-worthy pun: a back slash.
  2. A backslash is a character, and I enjoy typography.
  3. Backslashes are frequently used in programming languages as an escape character, to write things that are otherwise not representable, and I’m a computer scientist.