A three-quarters view of an alien werewolf creature with purple hair looking to the viewer's right with two pairs of glowing golden eyes. The alien werewolf's maw is open, revealing that it splits into four parts, with horizontal and vertical teeth. The creature's tongue splits into two. The whole muzzle is dripping with viscous saliva tinted green by the light.

McMadMissile Alien Werewolf Icon

McMadMissile brought to life an idea I’ve had knocking around for years.

When I first watched Ben 10 as a kid, I thought “damn, that werewolf’s split muzzle thing is super cool looking.” The image stuck with me for over a decade, and I constantly kept watch on furry art sites for more depictions of that alien from the show. Unfortunately, very few other people thought it was as cool as I did—of the 43 posts currently on e621 tagged with loboan, exactly 3 of them show the quadra-hinged maw, and they’re all from the same comic series :(

Last winter, that desire for more quadra-hinged maw art coalesced into a realization: there are no fursona police, if I want to turn into a cool alien wolf-beast with a quadra-hinged maw on the full moon, I can! And McMadMissile made it happen! This piece is just the start, I’m going to be getting a bunch more art of this form :3

I particularly love the saliva tinted green by the backlight, and the way that the eyes glow gold~ They really up the creepy factor!