A reference sheet for an alien werewolf character.  The creature has predominantly dark gray fur, but with purple hair on the top of his head.  He has a muscular figure, but with a hunched-forward posture.  He has four eyes, one pair above the other.  His maw opens along the normal axis, but also along the vertical axis, splitting four ways.  His tongue is divided in two halves.  He has teeth along all of the edges of his maw (8 biting surfaces).  He has four latex-like tentacles sprouting from along his spine, tipped with normal, rounded ends.

MCMadMissile Alien Werewolf Ref

In a wonderful follow up to the icon they did last year, MCMadMissile gave a body to the weird creature I had imagined!

This guy looks terrifying and weird. And he is—but only when necessary. Most of the time, he’s a big, dumb, soft dog, who just so happens to have tentacles and a demon maw. But he’ll happily roll over and wag his tail if you rub his belly :3

Of course, he’s plenty capable of using all of the terrifying parts of his anatomy if the situation calls for it, particularly protecting the ones he loves. He makes a good guard… wolf.