A cup of hot chocolate with a candy cane sticking out of it sits on a saucer. Scaltrox, Obcerd, and s0ph0s are all in the cup: Obcerd is clinging to the left side, s0ph0s is draped over a marshmallow, and Scaltrox is on top of a swirl of whipped cream with his arms up.

A Cup of Cuties by SmilingScorpio

SmilingScorpio drew this absolutely adorable rendition of the three of us for the holidays!

She wanted to try a chibi style, but wasn’t sure how it would turn out. The result was all three of us cropping it for our profile pictures immediately—in other words, she nailed it! I particularly love how I’m draped over a marshmallow with my tongue out. It’s so cute!

Merry Christmas, Scale, and Happy Hanukkah, Oz! I’m so glad we got to spend the holidays together :3