s0ph0s and Scaltrox sitting in a pumpkin patch on a hazy fall evening.  Both are carving pumpkins.  Scaltrox, on the left, has carved a vaguely distressed-looking jack-o-lantern face into his pumpkin.  s0ph0s, on the right, has caved a smiling jack-o-lantern face into his pumpkin.  There is a bowl of pumpkin guts next to s0ph0s.

Pumpkin Carving by SmilingScorpio

SmilingScorpio drew this lovely piece of Scale and I carving pumpkins! And just in time for Halloween :3

The vibes in this are awesome, I love how well SmilingScorpio captured both the warmth of company and the chill gray of Fall evenings. If only my apartment building allowed decorative gourds in the hallway…